I would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge all the past and current members of the Leyton lab. All this great work is due to your hard work, initiative, curiosity, and willingness to succeed. Bravo!



Vincent Lacasse

Masters: 2019

Current position: PhD student McGill University

Thesis Title: Development of a characterization platform for next-generation antibody-drug conjugates: first steps towards controlling intracellular addressing using Accum-T-DM1.

Vincent realized a long sought after dream and a current challenge for targeting agents targeted to localize inside the nucleus. Vincent developed a proteomic approach to discover novel insights into the molecular mechanisms inside breast cancer cells that govern nuclear transport. The applications of Vincent's findings can extend to research for increased delivery efficiency to the nucleus. Applications are targeted chemotherapy, gene therapy, and vaccine development.

"Thanks to Jeff, I was able to show my creative side. Proteomics for antibody-drug conjugates for intracellular trafficking had never been reported. I had to create several new protocols and approaches. Jeff and my co-supervisor Steve Jean helped guide me every step of the way. Thanks to Jeff, I have seen a future I want to pursue and one day become a PI" 


Manar Hammood

Current position: MSc student Université de Sherbrooke

Manar Hammood joined our team as a Masters student. She is a bio-pharmaceutical industry professional with experience in Operations and Medical Affairs. With a background in Pharmacology, she possess a unique combination of scientific knowledge, industry experience and business acumen. Presently, she is managing key medical and patient services functions in the Canadian arm of a top Swiss research based human proteins therapeutics company.

"I want to build on my current skillset by learning how Dr. Leyton and his team generates ADC disruptive technologies and how they convert these technologies into intellectual goods and incentives that result in technological progress and advancing these drugs to the clinic"


Judit Hunyadkurti PhD

Current position: Scientist at APO-T (link)

Dr. Judit Hunyadkurti worked in my lab from 2017-2019. Judit developed the antibody engineering component in the Leyton lab. We wish her well in her new adventures in industry. 


Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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