7th ADC approved!

Immunomedics finally did it!!!!

2019 was a record year with 3 novel ADCs approved. There was a lot of failures since the last ADC (Kadcyla) was approved in 2013 for HER2+ metastatic breast cancer. Now, Immunomedics joins the elite club of biotechs to successfully get an ADC approved. Just in 2019, the FDA rejected the approval due to manufacturing problems with data integrity. This led to major changes in leadership that must of paid off. Sacituzumab govitecan (Trodelvy) is a special ADC considering it is a breakthrough against the dreaded triple-negative breast cancer phenotype. Sacituzmab govitecan targets the overexpressed cell surface receptor Trop-2 and carries the payload SN-38, a topoisomerase inhibitor. In addition, this ADC is the first to use a PEGylated linker that is non-cleavable. This allows it to load up to 8 SN-38 moieties per antibody. This is a big deal, since the current load maximum is 4. Thus, the potency is directly linked to increased payload delivery.

Contact me to discuss more about Sacituzumab govitecan. The Leyton laboratory also works on novel PEGylated linkers. To learn more contact: jeffrey.leyton@usherbrooke.ca